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Welcome to Our mission is to help the victims of trucking negligence obtain full and fair compensation while promoting roadway safety. Aside from representing our clients against negligent trucking and transportation companies, makes available forms, knowledge and experience to help other plaintiffs' attorneys ensure that trucking companies and drivers are held responsible for their negligence and that plaintiffs across the country obtain the full compensation they deserve. 

Attorney Stefano Portigliatti is the founder of and has successfully handled hundreds of trucking cases across the country. He was among the first 20 attorneys in the United States to pass a rigorous exam on trucking laws, an intensive background check, and prove that his practice is dedicated to protecting victims of truck crashes.


Stefano sits on the Board of Regents for the Academy of Truck Accident Attorneys, is an active member of the Trucking Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice, leads the Florida Trucking Litigation Group  of the Florida Justice Association, and often lectures around the country on the subject of trial strategies and trucking litigation. 

If you're a victim of trucking negligence or an attorney litigating a trucking case, give us a call or shoot us an email. We're here to help YOU.

Read this Q&A piece with Stefano Portigliatti on Attorney at Law Magazine. 

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